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Types of Service:

  1. Real Estate Transactions
  2. New construction
  3. Residential
  4. Commercial
  5. Work place
  6. Strata and apartment complexes
  7. Schools and government buildings
  8. Day care, Hospitals, Care Facilities
  9. Public Buildings
  10. First Nations

Short-term radon testing can be from 2 to 7 days under closed-building conditions.

Long-term radon testing can be from 91 days to one year

How we measure Radon

Interior Radon & Building Consulting is certified by Health Canada, Certi and Rad Elec to conduct radon measurements using the E-perm system by Rad Elec. This system can be used for both short and long-term radon measurement in residential, commercial and all types of testing including water. The E-perm measuring system (class 25 device) is approved and certified by Health Canada, this allows it to be used for real estate transactions as a legal test, provided that its administered by a Health Canada certified professional.   The E-perm system is designed to work with state of the art software developed by   Rad Elec to provide easy to read documents with complete quality assurance.


How we mitigate radon in your house

We perform a diagnostic test to determine the slab pressure and where to locate the suction pit. We seal and caulk all cracks in the foundation, walls and all openings that will allow radon gas to enter the building. The installation of a 4" pipe with a suction fan is designed to remove the radon through a controlled point, exhausting it to the outside of the building where it can be deluded reducing health risks.



Measurement C-NRPP#: CRT201809

Mitigation C-NRPP# CRMT201810

Certified Radon Technologist - CRT

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